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Monday, August 16, 2010

Absence makes the heart... want to blog.

Yeesh!  It's been over a month since my last blog post.  Hmm.  Guess I've been a little busy these days. 
I sat down last night to make a to-do list for this week and I filled up not one, but two pages.  Ick.  Thankfully I include fun things on my to-do lists as well as "must do" tasks.  This particular list features "get library card" and "find some cute digital scrapbook kits."  Yup, I like crossing those sorts of things off my lists.

Speaking of digital scrapbooking, I've decided to do a class this September.  So many people were asking me what programs I use and where to find the supplies... I figured that while the demand was there, I might as well try out a class or two.  I found that the Butler Library has meeting rooms that they let folks use & one of them just happens to be a computer lab.  Perfect.  There are ten computers--therefore ten spots in the class.  I'm thrilled that six of these spots are already filled!  {Woo!}

I'm still Etsy-ing & keeping pretty busy with that.  Lots of  unity candle orders.  Nothing makes me more nervous than shipping a unity candle in a card board box on a sweltering August day.  Hope these little guys make it there without becoming puddles of wax.

Hudson has been keeping us on our toes lately.  He's become "very vocal" as Tyler puts it.  He screeches, howls and downright yells now.  Sometimes I feel like I live with a little monkey.  He hates to be held "like a baby" anymore.  I keep trying to reason with him... informing him that, yes, he is still a baby.  He doesn't care.  This kid likes to sit up & see the world.  I can't believe he'll be three months old next week.  People were telling me he looked like a three month old when he was born.  The other day a lady in the check out line guessed that he was six months old.  Yep, he's a biggin.  He's not chubby... he's my Huddy.

Hud scared the crud out of us this past Saturday when he started breathing strangely {making a horrible gasping sound} & acting like he was struggling to take a full breath.  We {Tyler} ran two red lights just trying to get him to the FastER Care place to get him checked out.  The doctor there told us to take him straight to BMH's ER since they were just an urgent care facility.  As soon as we stepped through the doors, he was completely back to normal {not that I'm complaining about that!}.  He smiled at the doctor and grabbed the stethoscope from around the nurse's neck.  No more strange breathing.  No more gasping.  Apparently, Hudson hasn't changed much since his in-utero days.It took me back to the days of false you might recall from this post.  Oh, Hudson.  Several people came in to listen to Hud's heart & lungs.  They also did a chest x-ray, jus to be safe.  Thank goodness everything came back completely normal.  We're still not entirely sure what caused the whole ordeal.  They thought it might be the onset of bronchitis, but he hasn't had a single other symptom.  We're just keeping a close eye on him.

Hopefully the new blog header {♥ it!} will inspire me to blog more these days.


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