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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So on Monday night, I finally got to go back to Zumba.  Last winter/spring, I went to Zumba at Applewood Chiropractic.  I loooooved it.  It was a fun way to work out & despite my self-proclaimed complete lack of rhythm, I found myself acutally able to do all the moves.  I felt Zumba-licious after every session.  Then we moved to Evans City & I found myself without a Zumba class to call my own...{and pregnant...  & shaking your butt is not something you really care to do when you've got a giant baby bump.}
As soon as I became un-pregnant, I was anxious to start back up again.  Especially when Megan & Maria told me they were going to Zumba at Ghost Riders.  Ahh, Ghost Riders.  The first place where Tyler & I set eyes upon each other.  {Yup, we're rednecks.} 
I thought I knew what to expect... I just assumed it would be just like the other Zumba-ing I had done.  I was wrong  Apparently what I had done before was "Zumba 101."  This new class was more like "AP Zumba for the Gifted."  This Zumba threw in moves I've only seen on MTV.  And the pace... whew!  It was quick.  There was jumping and shaking and gyrating....And thrusting.  Lots of thrusting.  To top it all off, there are mirrors on every single wall.  Therefore, I could see myself Zumba-ing from every angle.  And there were 60 people there to see my every trip & stumble..  And no air conditioning.  By the end of the hour, I was sweating profusely.  Ugh.  Gross.  But, it was indeed, a great workout.
The instructor was amazing.  She has all the rhythm that I lack {and more}.  She stays energetic for the full hour!  When she Zumbas, she looks like this.  Annnnd, I... well, when I Zumba, I look more like this.  Yeeeeah. 
Thankfully, everyone says that the more you go, the more familiar you'll get with the routines.  Gosh, I hope that's true.


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