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Friday, June 25, 2010

It's been a month already?!?! Really?

{Hudson at one month old}

It's hard to believe it... but our little guy is one month old!  Hudson already has *quite* the personality. He's pretty laid back, but gosh, when he's hungry or needs changed, he wants it to happen NOW! And he'll let you know all about it. Hud gets the hiccups at least twice a day-and they last fooooorever. He has a favorite song-- Raffi's "Baby Beluga" {which I might add, has NOT left my brain since first playing it for him....} He grunts constantly. And squeaks. It's adorable... really, it is. I promise.
Surprisingly, he will sit still & look at books with us {he really likes it when Tyler reads the Star Wars board book & makes the Chewbacca noise!}  He is SUCH a car-baby.  As soon as we get him in his car seat & turn the key in the ignition, this kid is out.  He's the same way in a stroller or a shopping cart.  {Needless to say, I think he realizes that his mommy is a shopper & his best bet is to just snooze...}
Yesterday, my mom & I took him for his one month potraits.  We went to Wal*Mart & I can honestly say, I was pretty impressed.  The photographer was really good with Hudson & got some really cute poses.  I just *had* to have a "nakie-baby" picture so that when Hud gets his first girlfriend, I can whip out these pictures & embarrass the crud out of him.  :o)   We ended up choosing poses number 3 and 6 {and my mom is thinking about also getting pose number 7-- all because of that little pouty lip!} 

Today is Huddy's one-month check up at the pediatrician's office.  He has to get a shot... and I'm nervous.  He had a lot of heel pricks at the hospital due to his jaundice levels, but I only watched one of them--and I think I cried more than he did!  I'm going armed with an ice pack & some baby Tylenol.  I might also need to take some Kleenex's for yours truly.

Happy One Month Birthday, Huddy Buddy!
We love you!!!


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