The McGrady Family: Tyler, Cara, Hudson & Sadie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wet Concrete + Bad Dog = A Mess

This morning {before I was even awake}, Tyler & his friend from work, Jim, were already outside pouring concrete into the moat surrounding our house footer trench.  To tell the truth, I have no idea what purpose this aforementioned footer is going to serve.  Tyler's thrown the word around so many times, I feel pretty stupid asking him what is now.
Well, things went well.  The concrete truck came in, made a loud racket & got the job done.
Tyler was just getting ready to head into work.  He brought Sadie inside {she had been out on her line...apparently overseeing the concrete-ing process?} and before I knew it, she had taken off down the stairs to the basement.  Little did I know... the basement door was wiiiiiiiide open-- open to the freshly poured cement pad right outside.  Yup, we had 6 little puppy prints right there in the concrete.  Tyler was far less amused than I was.  For a few moments, I thought we should keep the prints... and maybe add a few of Hud's.  However, I quickly realized  that would not be an option.  Luckily, Tyler got everything smoothed out & we now have a fantastic little cement pad.... and a footer {whatever that may be}.
This week, I started using MyFitnessPal to try to get back to where I was pre-Hudson.  It's wonderful.  My friend Maria told me about it & I decided that after my {self-created} one-month post-baby grace period, I was going to do something....anything.  Today's my fourth day & I can honestly say, I love it.  All I have to do is add in all the food I eat & the exercise I do each day & it keeps track of my progress.  My favorite part is when it tells me "If you keep this up, you'll weigh "however many pounds" by "a not so far off date"!  Yay! 
I've also been trying to get in some more exercise.  I'm anxiously awaiting my return to Zumba after the big "Six Week Appointment" next Wednesday, but for now, I've been taking Hudson for walks {Good grief, we have some big hills here in Evans City!} and doing a free Jillian Michaels' workout I found OnDemand.  That Jillian Michaels.... she whoops my butt.  I just about passed out from pain while going down the stairs today.  Yikes.  But hey, at least it's working, right? 
Huddy got to wear his adorable little monogrammed onesie I made for him.  I stayed up until 11:00 hand-stitching it on Tuesday night.  Hudson apparently took note of my toiling & managed not to throw up on it until late last night...after he was thoroughly shown-off.  What a sweetie. 


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