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Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sadie Lou!

In celebration of Sadie's first birthday today, I figured I'd post some "Baby Sadie" pics. 

Growing up, I always loooooved the name Sadie.  I knew that when I had a little girl, that was going to be her name.  Welp, when Tyler & I got engaged, I realized that "Sadie McGrady" just wouldn't cut it... not for a human child anyhow........

When we started seriously thinking about getting a puppy, we considered several kinds of dogs, but we really wanted a golden retreiver.  We were so close to adopting a rescue dog in Tennessee--Tyler knows some folks down there & they found us a very cute, very furry dog whom we fell in love with as soon as we saw his picture.  We even went to Petco the day they said he was up for adoption, just to get an idea of what this whole "dog thing" would be like.  Sadly, just a few hours later, we were told that he had been adopted on the spot by a family.  Soooo, the search went on.  I looked online, in the newspapers.... nothing really caught my eye.  Then Tyler's sister called  me one morning to tell me she had found the perfect dog for us.  A lady had a whole litter of puppies for sale just down the road from her house & they were cuuuuuute!  I hopped in my car, drove to Worthington & checked them all out.  Yup, cuuuuuuuute!  The puppys' mom was a poodle & a collie mix while the dad was a yellow lab & golden retriever.  The day before our wedding, I picked out the cutest little wavy haired puppy & I already had her name picked out--Sadie.  She was ready to go home with us {complete with little pink bows in her fur} in early August.
Oh, and  she was soooo tiny when we got her!  She was also very well behaved.  We actually thought something might be wrong with her because all she wanted to do was sleep.  She would get up, walk to another spot, then lay down & sleep some more.  We couldn't believe how lucky we were to have ended up with such a well behaved puppy. 
....Then my parents "puppy-sat" for us over Labor Day weekend so Tyler & I could go to Hudson, Ohio.  Oh my.  We picked up a completely different dog.  Our quiet, well-mannered, adorable little furbaby morephed into a creature that barked, pulled on her leash & peed on the carpet.  Sigh...but we loved her anyway.  Sadie is the first dog I ever had & I spoiled her to pieces.  She had tiny little bows for her fur, a dress, a personalized food dish... and she got away with absolutely everything.  How could you get mad at that cute little face?
I'll tell you how-- when she eats your toothbrush, the legs off your kitchen chairs, innumerable pairs of underwear, three pairs of dress pants and food out of the garbage.... When she is perfectly capable of going to the bathroom outside, but chooses to do so right in the middle of our brand-new living room carpet.  No, Sadie is not the most well-behaved dog {she has earned the well-deserved nickname of "Monster."}  But, she is the sweetest.  She still curls up on Tyler's lap the way she did when we first got her & she still loves to sleep by us every night.  She's the best little {little?} Sadie-Baby we could have hoped for.  And we love her so much.


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