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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh, how things have changed...

Before Hudson {even when I was enormously pregnant with Hudson}, I still had a pretty predictable getting ready routine.  It normally took me about 45 minutes to an hour to get completely "ready."  My hair had to be just so: mousse, volumizing spray, blow dried, hot rollers {for extra volume--I have flat hair!  Don't judge me!}, then straightened {to get out any kinks}, then hairsprayed like mad so it would all stay in.  Then came make up.  The works.  concealer, eyeliner, blush, mascara-- even if I was just going to Wal*Mart!  I also spent a LOT of time figuring out what I was going to wear.  I had a closet full of clothes to choose from & often, I thought it was "reeeeeeeeally hard" to pick something out {especially when it came to maternity clothes!}.  I always complained that nothing "looked right" or that I didn't have anything to "go" with something. 
Fast forward to today.
Now, I'm happy if I have time to dry my hair before my baby starts screaming {I swear he knows exactly how many minutes my hair needs to stay in a towel before it goes all wonky}.  I'm lucky if I get my teeth brushed before going out the door--let alone have a full face of make-up on...  {I had to do my make-up en-route in the car today--don't worry, I wasn't driving!}.  Now, my everyday wardrobe consists of "Anything That Hasn't Been Spit Up On Yet," "Stuff That Is Finally Starting To Fit Again," Tyler's t-shirts, and sundresses {which--unfortunately, as versatile as they are, sundresses can not be worn everywhere...}.  Ugh. 
I suppose that in the four short weeks of motherhood that I've experienced, I've learned one very important thing.... {and my husband's eyes will probably roll out of his head if he knows I said this because he's said this for yeeeeeeears.}  It's not all about how you look.  If my kid is happy, comfy, has a full belly & a clean diaper, I'm thrilled.  Yup, that is probably baby throw-up on my shoulder.  Yes, I realize my hair is completely out of control.  Nope, I have not waxed my eyebrows since who-knows-when.... and yes, I  know they look like caterpillars.  And honestly, I'll get to it... as soon as I'm done snuggling this baby of mine.

PS: With that said... I  am looking for a new hairstyle.  Something that's easy to fix & still has style to it.  Any suggestions?  Please?


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