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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ugh... False Alarm.

4:45 AM-  Serious contractions....  about 4-5 minutes apart, took my breath away & lasted until I was wheeled {yes, wheeled} to the maternity ward.  Then.... nothing.  Not a pain, not a twinge... absolutely nothing. 

Tyler & spent a good 3 1/2 hours in the birthing suite this morning...and still, no baby.  {*Sigh*}  I really, really thought I was in labor.  One of the doctors mentioned that some people show up to the hospital thinking they're in labor 5 or 6 times before the "real" thing actually happens.  {I decided then & there that I refuse to be one of these people.}
I walked around the maternity ward at least 30 times, hoping to jumpstart something...anything.  We strolled by the nursery & peeked in... 5 babies.  All boys.   I figured that meant there was a really good chance that we would break the cycle & have a girl.  Well, whaddaya know... about an hour or so later, the gal in the room beside us had her baby & we heard, "It's a girl!!!!"  So now we're still not sure what to expect!

Today was also my first day of {slightly unexpected} maternity leave from school.  I really wasn't planning on being off until next week, given that next Saturday is my official due date.  Buuut, I think it is probably a good thing considering I think I frightened some of my students each afternoon with my incredible, swelling feet.  "Geez, Mrs. McGrady," one of them would always say, "your feet are a lot bigger than they were this morning."  {Yep, thanks for noticing, Kid.} 
God bless my sub who started her time with my class on "Pajama Day," my day with only one special & the day they *thought* I was having a baby. {I can only imagine what her experience was like....}  However, I was pretty prepared & had an entire storage container of plans & activities.  She's also an awesome sub & I'm positive she will be fantastic-- so that's a stress reliever for me.  I do miss my kiddos though... hopefully this baby will arrive soon (!!!) & I'll get to go back at least a few times to see them before school is out.
My plans for tomorrow include a LOT of walking.  Today's yucky weather {and my hideous lack of sleep} put a bit of a damper on much moving around, but I think I'll be up for it tomorrow-- anything to meet this baby sooner!!!  We'll see what happens!


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