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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

What a fantastic day today was!  Not only was it Father's Day {Tyler's first as a daddy!} AND my little sister's 21st birthday {woo woo!}... today was the first day I wore my pre-pregnancy jeans & my wedding rings! I was thrilled!  I still have a few {okay, 10} pounds to go until I'm back to what I was pre-Hudson, but hey, I'll take it. 
Today was a pretty fun day-- we headed to my parent's house for a Father's Day/Birthday cookout.  {The birthday girl wasn't feeling too hot, however... hah.}  Lots of good food.  Lots of good times.
Huddy wore his "Daddy is my Hero" onesie and gave Tyler a "This is what a cool dad looks like" t-shirt and the Star Trek DVD {yes, Star Trek...} he's been dying to have.  I made him a mini scrapbook page for him to put on his desk at work. 
Speeeeaking of which... I haven't mentioned that I've recently become obsessed with digital scrapbooking.  When I can't sleep at night, that's what I do now.  {Luckily we ended up with a very good baby who sleeps about 6-7 hours plus each night... It's just too bad his mama can't manage to do the same!}  I'm actually thinking of trying to start a little business with the digital design thing.   I designed our entire wedding invitation suite, several friends & family members' bridal & baby shower invitations & a ton of other bits & pieces.  I think I'd like to see how it goes.  We shall see.

As for Hudson, he's fantastic.  He eats.  He sleeps.  He poops.  Everything a good baby should.  Haha...  I just can't stop changing his clothes!!!  He has so many adorable outfits, I just want him to get a chance to wear all of them before he grows out of them.  He helps me out every once in a while by spitting up all over himself, so at least I have a good excuse to put him in a new outfit!  :o)
Our "Little Man" will be a month old this coming Friday.  I can't even believe it.


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