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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feeling like a lost library book these days.......

Yup.  I'm over-due.  Sure, it's only by one measly day.... but-- I was fully expecting to have this baby a week & a half ago. 
Yesterday I was feeling marvelous.  My mom & I braved the crowds at Old Navy to snag some $1 flip flops.  Even Tyler ended up with two pairs!  {Who knew he'd even consider wearing flip flops?!?  It was just last summer when he got his first pair of sandals... and his very first pair of khaki shorts.  Those took some convincing...}  Now, if this miserable swelling would just go away, I might actually be able to put my new flippies on my feet!  Bah, humidity.  I used to dislike it because it did terrible things to my har-- now it's my arch-nemisis due to the havoc it wreaks on my body {especially my feet & hands}.
After shopping & doing some major kitchen cleaning, I treated myself to a looooovely pedicure yesterday.  Maria & Amy came along & it was a blast.  We got to catch up & have our legs & feet massaged with oranges and hot stones.  {Ahhhh.... yes.}  Plus, now I'm not paranoid about the Labor & Delivery nurses being terrified my feet.  Who doesn't love a cute little french manicure on their tootsies?!? 
Tomorrow I'm scheduled for my first NST {Non-Stress Test} to make sure the baby is doing alright.  Basically they're just going to hook me up to two monitors: one to check the baby's heartrate and one to see if I'm having any contractions {Oh, please!  Oh, please! Let me be having some contractions!!!} 
Then on Thursday, I'll go back in for my regular {?} weekly appointment, another NST, and an ultrasound to see how big this stubborn little baby is getting to be.  I already know it weighs at least 12 pounds.  At least. 
Today, despite the fact that I feel as thought I've been hit by a truck, I've been eating pineapple & drinking raspberry iced tea {both supposedly are labor-inducing} and there's a watermelon in the fridge for later.  Hey, at this point, I'm pretty much ready to try any "natural induction" suggestions I'm given. 
Today when we were out & people asked me when I'm due, I'm kind of enjoying saying, "Umm, yesterday."  They get all panicky and act like they're going to have to catch a baby any second.  Oh, silly people.  No worries.  I have a feeling this baby isn't coming out any time soon.  {Although, my puffy swollen fingers are crossed that it will!}


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