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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday, birthday!

Well, I guess this baby & I aren't going to have the same birthday.  I suppose that's alright with me.  I need to keep this little bun in the oven until after our big Third Grade Wax Museum is said & done. 
I must say, I had quite a fabulous 26th birthday {although I accidentally told someone that I was going to be 22--hmm.  Not quite}.  We celebrated with my family on Sunday.  I got lots of fun presents from the fam: Just Around the Block collectibles of Alands Toy Store {I ♥-ed that place when I was little!}and Skate Castle & Butler YMCA {I worked both of those places back in the day}, a pretty nightgown & robe set with matching slippers, some B&BW shower gels & lotions, and of course some birthday money. 

Tyler ordered my birthday cake from the gal who made our wedding cake {soooooooo delicious!} He picked out the design himself {oh, he knows me well}.  I was super excited, not only because this cake has been one of my pregnancy cravings, but because I've never had a 2-layer birthday cake!  And yes, it really was as scrumptious as it looks...

Tyler also got me a digital camcorder {!!!} so I can tape the baby {not the birth...just the baby}.  I've just about got the hang of it... although i think I could give audiences serious cases of motion sickness.  I'm super excited to learn how to post videos and make montages {something I've always, always loved}.   Annnnnd--I also came home to these lovelies:
We also went to W. Rick's {yum!} for dinner.  Today at school, my students threw a surprise birthday party/baby shower for me.  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.  I'll try to post pics tomorrow of the fun & excitement that ensued! 

Yup.  I'd say I had a pretty fantastic birthday.


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