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Monday, May 17, 2010


Caution: The following post is pretty much just one big miserable, unhappy vent.... Read at your own risk.

Today, by far, has got to be the worst day of this entire pregnancy.  Here are the top ten reasons why:

1. My due date isn't until Saturday.  So technically, at 39 weeks,  I have nothing to complain about.  I've heard of women being 42 weeks pregnant.  I think I will just die if this happens to me.
2. I haven't slept well since about the middle of March.  Last night's sleep was especially awful due to a wretched migraine, a too-hot blanket & being just plain uncomfortable. 
3. I am absolutely gigantic.  Every article of clothing I own looks & feels disgusting on me.
4. My allergies have me stuffed up & unable to breathe normally & the Tylenol Sinus just ain't cuttin' it. 
5. Two gals who were due after I am already had their babies--one yesterday, one today. {Why, yes, I am jealous.}
6. I swear, if even one more person asks me, "So, why haven't you had that baby yet?"  I am going to jam my fist down their throat.  I don't care if they're well-meaning or joking.
7. It's raining.  Always a bummer... pregnant or not.
8. It's also a Monday......again, a bummer no matter what.
9. I am on "maternity leave" from school.  This means I'm at home with no one to talk to except the dog.  {She doesn't say much either.}  Therefore, I have the worst case of cabin fever since we had that week of snow days back in February.
10. I'm paranoid about every little twinge and ache.  So far, none of it has meant anything indicating labor is iminent.
I've heard of Post-Partum Depression.... but what about Pre-Partum Depression?

Keep your fingers crossed for me, please.  Mine are too swollen & puffy to do any crossing of their own...


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