The McGrady Family: Tyler, Cara, Hudson & Sadie

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Month to Go...

Well, since we're less than one month away from Baby McGrady's anticipated arrival, I thought it would be appropriate to start this kid his or her very own blog.  Today Tyler & I went to our 35 week appointment (holy crud... 35 weeks means there's only 5 weeks left!) and wrote up our 'birth plan' with one of the midwives (Laurie) at Advanced OB/GYN.  Initially, I was pretty skeptical of the idea of a birth plan-- the samples I found online asked for lighting choices, music preferences and lots of other frivolous decisions that the parents-to-be could make.  {I think those types of birth plans must be reserved for the Kardashians or Hiltons because we weren't really given any ambiance options.}  Basically, we just discussed how we'd like the delivery to go... We discussed all the "fun" stuff like contractions, epidurals, cord-cutting, etc.  It wasn't bad at all.  I actually left there feeling pretty prepared.... Well, except in the car-seat knowledge area.  When she asked us today if we knew how to install the car seat & put the baby in it correctly, Tyler & I just looked at each other.  Laurie suggested that we go home & practice hooking up all the straps and latches juuuuust in case.  I took it upon myself to go home & do just that.  When Tyler came home I had Baby McGrady's stuffed Yoda {Seriously, what kid wouldn't want their very own Yoda?} all buckled up & ready to go.  Okay, car seat--check! 
It's hard to believe, but one month from today, there could very well be a new little addition to this family buckled into the car seat instead of that little Yoda doll.  Can't wait!


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