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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is it May yet???

Ugh.  That's pretty much my attitude today.  On top of all the pregnancy uncomfortablities, now I've been struck by a sinusy, nasaly, throaty wickedness that has me completely drained and miserable.  Yuck.

On the somewhat bright-side, I did go to my 36 week appointment today.  It was short, sweet & to the point.  {However, when I first got there, the power was completely out & I had to take a flashlight with me to use the restroom!  Luckily, the electricity came back on shortly thereafter.}  The baby's heartbeat was 139 and Dr. Cypher said everything looks good.  He even assured me that my grotesquely swollen feet are perfectly normal... annoying and uncomfortable, but perfectly normal.  I go back next week.

Tonight, my friend Megan & I went to get our toes done in celebration of our one-day-apart birthdays.  It.  Was.  Heaven.  I forgot how much I ♥ pedicures.  I chose a neon pink color for my tootsies in hopes that they would distract people from my hideously swollen feet & ankles.  {Have I mentioned that my right ankle now has a roll?  Yep--a roll of skin that flaps over onto my foot.  I am beginning to feel like the Michelin Man.}  Meg seems to think that foot massages will speed up the labor process.  Hmm... as long as I make it to at least 3:00 PM on May 4th (after the Third Grade Wax Museum), I'm up for just about anything.

Here are a few pictures from the Birthday Party/Baby Shower that my third graders threw for me yesterday.  These kids are just too cute.  {Oh, and the wooden woman you see standing outside my door is Mildred.  She's a wooden doll Tyler made for me to use as a decoration outside my classroom.  The kids and I coordinate her outfits for holidays & special events.  As you can see, she's also expecting....}  I didn't post any pics of my students for privacy reasons...and I didn't post any of me for pregnancy reasons.  Here's what's left. 


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