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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shamelessly Showing Off....

My little man.  He's almost 7 months now & gosh, he's fun.  He's constantly cracking us up.  Since I've gotten my new camera, I've been following him around like the paparazzi taking pictures of him.  He seems unphased by it so far.  I'm hoping he adapts to seeing his mother with a lens attached to her face at least 50% of the time.

Hud loves loves LOVES to eat.  He started on solid foods & he just can't get enough.  One of my friends got us this "Nibbler Bag" which I lovingly refer to as his "Feed Bag."  I chop up some banana pieces, stick 'em in the mesh bag, twist on the handle & away he goes.  Hudson LOVES this thing.  It lets him feed himself without making a mess....well, too much of a mess anyway. 

My grandma likes to feed Hudson.  She even likes to feed him things he's not supposed to have.  Hud is her first Great-Grandbaby.  And she doesn't spoil him at all.  {Insert eye-roll here.}  This is what happens when I say, "I don't think he needs any peppermint."  "Oh, just a taste," she says.  And then I stand there snapping pictures of the whole thing.    To my surprise, he actually really liked the peppermint.  Who am I kidding?  It's food.  Of course he likes it.  Ahh, tis the season, I suppose.

Speaking of 'the season,' it's stinkin' cold outside!  I don't ever remember a December that was THIS cold.  Holy moly & the wind?!?  Yeesh.  I have to seriously bundle this baby up just to lug him out to the car.  Luckliy, we're equipped with a hefty supply of warm (& adorrrrable) hats for the Huddy Buddy.  This is his "Fargo" hat--complete with fuzzy lining & ear flaps.  ♥

I've never seen a baby who loves getting a bath as much as this little guy.  He is ecstatic as soon as he hears the water running!  His little chubby legs start kicking & his rolly-polly little arms start flapping.  He's tried several times to lurch himself into his tub while I'm still undressing him.  I swear, this kid must be part fish.

Ahh, yes.  That's my baby.  Cute, huh.  I do believe we'll keep him.  ♥


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