The McGrady Family: Tyler, Cara, Hudson & Sadie

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

If you tell my husband about this post, I will be forced to hunt you down...

Seriously.  I mean it.  I'm just *so* excited about my first fondant experience!  I feel like I need to shout it from the rooftops!  "I made something out of fondant!  And it looks.... okay!"

I'm making Tyler a Star Wars themed cake for his birthday.... it will go along nicely with his Star Wars themed gifts.  Both are surprises.  {Let's keep them that way, shall we?}  :o)  I got the crazy notion to *make* his cake instead of ordering it this year.  {It must be from some lingering post-partum hormones...}  

I've made cakes before... and since I'm aiming to impress, I decided to use fondant. For the first time.  Ever.  I've never even used the store-bought stuff.  Don't get me wrong though... I've watched those cake shows on TLC & the Food Network too many times to count, so I considered myself good-to-go.  Sure I could have used plain old regular icing... but fondant just looks so.... cool.  You can do so much with it.  It can be texturized, three-dimensional, and the recipe I had even tastes pretty good!   

I used this recipe for my fondant.  It took a LOT of kneading and even more powdered sugar.  {Seriously, I think I must have breathed in about a half cup of the stuff just mixing everything up!}  I got food coloring gels from Mary's Cakes & Candies.  I was determined to make a little Yoda to sit on the cake. 
 Here's the final product! 

Yes, I know... he has a bit of a pig nose.  I told you... it's my first fondant creation.
He's a little wee bit more *portly* than the "traditional" Yoda. 
{Even celebrities gain a few pounds, y'know.}

 I'm very proud of his little cape--complete with a hood!

 Check out those little Jedi toes....

I ♥ how his light saber turned out! 
However, I learned that wrinkles are very hard things to create when using fondant.

And this is where he's staying... inside a powdered-sugar-coated storage container... in a cool, dry place.

Now I'm just incredibly anxious to make the actual cake!  More pictures to come!